Is GroMo Real Or Fake: Things To Know

GroMo - Real or Fake


"Our vision is to drive financial inclusion in underserved markets by bridging this gap through face-to-face interaction, handholding by our agents, and after-sales support."
Ankit Khandelwal, Founder - GroMo

In today's digital landscape, where financial opportunities are numerous and skepticism thrives, the GroMo app has captured both attention and suspicion. GroMo promises a lucrative path to financial independence through its unique blend of financial products and referral program.

Is GroMo Real Or Fake?

But is GroMo a genuine gateway to financial prosperity, or just another illusion in the online desert of empty promises?

Before diving directly into the world of GroMo, let's embark on a fact-finding mission, filtering through the layers of hype and concerns to uncover the truth: Is GroMo a real platform for financial growth or a fake app for the careless?

Keep reading as we dive deep into its claims, analyze user experiences, and reveal the potential of the GroMo App.

But, if you already know the potential of the GroMo app, then download the app right away and start your journey to earning up to ₹1 Lakh every month.

Download GroMo App!

By the end of this blog, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and insights necessary to make an informed decision about GroMo – a decision that could significantly impact your financial future.

So, buckle up, grab your lenses, and prepare to delve into the intriguing mystery of GroMo: Real Or Fake?

GroMo And It's Services

As one of the most reliable mobile fintech platforms, GroMo allows its users to make money online selling financial products. Anyone can get GroMo by downloading the GroMo app and signing up as a GroMo Partner. With over 20 financial institutions as partners, GroMo allows you to sell more than 100 financial products.

In 2019, GroMo Inc. was co-founded by IIT Delhi alumnus Ankit khandelwal along with Darpan Khurana. Together, they founded GroMo where Ankit has worked for 12 years in the financial and e-commerce sector. Darpan also has a lot of experience in corporate strategy and product management.

GroMo isn't just an app, it's your doorway to financial freedom. No investment needed, just your smartphone and a knack for selling. You can earn like a pro, right from your phone. And not just this, if you are confused about selling financial products, the GroMo academy guides you every step of the way.

GroMo Inc. is the parent organization, whereas Vitrak Technologies Private Limited (GroMo) and Vitrak Insurance Brokers Private Limited (GroMo Insure), are the two subsidary companies that come under it.

If you sign up as a GroMo Partner, then you'll be working for the GroMo (Vitrak Technologies Private Limited) subsidary and will be eligible to sell financial products like credit card, personal loan, savings account, etc.

And if you sign up as a GroMo Insure Agent (POSP), then you'll be working for GroMo Insure (Vitrak Insurance Brokers Private Limited) subsidary and will be eligible to sell different types of insurance like car insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, health insurance, etc. GroMo Insure is an IRDAI approved insurance broker.

GroMo also has two reward programs for it's GroMo Partner called:

  1. GroMo Coins
  2. Refer and Earn

GroMo Coins

You can earn GroMo Coins by doing various activities on your GroMo app. For instance, you can get GroMo Coins by selling financial products, attending training, and referring the GroMo App.

You can redeem GroMo Coins to get real money or use them to buy other rewards from the app itself. For example: you can use GroMo Coins to play Spin the Wheel and stand a chance to win a mega reward of ₹10,000.

Refer and Earn

The refer and earn program of GroMo lets you earn money by refering the GroMo App to your friends and relatives. When a user clicks on your referral link and sells a financial product using the GroMo app, you will get ₹1100 + 500 GroMo Coins.

Apart from selling products, these are some additional ways through which GroMo helps its GroMo Partners earn more. So, ditch the financial jargon and join the GroMo revolution.

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Is GroMo Real?

There are over 33 Lakh GroMo Partners that are growing at a rapid pace and are selling financial products to a wide range of customers. More than 33 Lakh Partners trust GroMo. GroMo, a single platform promises a financial revolution.

No longer confined to fancy offices, GroMo empowers anyone to become a financial expert and launch their own business, all without hefty investments.

But is it too good to be true?

Are GroMo's claims as solid as its user numbers?

Let's look at some testimonials and stories of our GroMo Partners:

1. GroMo Partner: Parmar Prakashbhai

Parmar Prakashbhai is one of our GroMo Partners who has earn up to ₹10,000. By earning money through GroMo, he has been able to start saving for a more secure future. Watch the story of this GroMo Partner working from Ahmedabad below:

GroMo Partner - Parmar Prakashbhai

2. GroMo Partner: Ash Mohammad

Ash is from Ghaziabad and he has been GroMo Partner for 6 months now. And every month he is able to earn up to ₹30,000 by selling financial products through GroMo. Check out his story below:

GroMo Partner - Ash Mohammad

3. GroMo Partner: Rahul Roy

Rahul Roy has recently become a GroMo Partner and within a month he earn ₹10,000. He lives in Muzaffar Nagar and is a student. He uses the money that he's earning through GroMo to support his education and manage his personal expenses. Let's see how GroMo has helped him become financially independent:

GroMo Partner - Rahul Roy

4. GroMo Partner: Pawan Sharma

Pawan Sharma is a GroMo Partner who has been working with GroMo from past 8 months. In these 8 months, he as earn up to ₹1.5 Lakhs. He is a college student who is studying as well as making his career as a Financial Advisor through GroMo. Have a look at his story below:

GroMo Partner - Pawan Sharma

5. GroMo Partner: Ashutosh Pandey

Ashutosh Pandey is a GroMo Partner who lives in Allahbad and is working as a GroMo Partner to fulfill his dream of buying his own house.And not just Ashutosh, multiple people from his family are also working as GroMo Partners to earn a ##Pakki Income. Let us have a look at his story:

GroMo Partner: Ashutosh Pandey

GroMo Raises Series A Fund Of $11 Million

In June 2022, GroMo secured $11 million (approximately ₹88 crore) in funding and plans to expand team, partnerships, and product offerings. We aim to make financial services more accessible and profitable for all.

The news of GroMo's funding was covered by leading publications like The Economic Times, Inc42, Entrackr, YourStory, Business Standard, and more.

GroMo Funding

Benefits Of Becoming A GroMo Partner

There are numerous benefits of becoming a GroMo Partner. And the best one is the commissions that they provide. GroMo has the best payout structure in the market and provides high commissions. As a GroMo Partner you don't just earn money, but you can earn a lot of money.

GroMo gives the highest payouts in the industry and the GroMo Coins make these commissions all the more profitable. Each time a GroMo Partner sells a product, they not only earn money, but in addition to that, they also get GroMo Coins. Below is a table that shows the comparison between GroMo payouts and that of others in the business:

Money Earning Apps Payouts
Category GroMo's Payout Other's Payout
Credit Card ₹2500 + 2500 GroMo Coins 3000
Personal Loan ₹3500 + 3500 GroMo Coins 4100
Savings Account ₹1300 + 1300 GroMo Coins 1360
Demat Accounts ₹1750 + 1750 GroMo Coins 780
Credit Line ₹1400 + 1400 GroMo Coins 730
Investment ₹1750 + 1750 GroMo Coins 550

These payouts are as of December 2023

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GroMo Refer And Earn Program

Are you the friend everyone turns to for financial advice?

Do you love recommending hot deals and seeing people benefit?

Then buckle up, because GroMo has your name written all over it!

This innovative app lets you earn big cash by simply referring the GroMo app to your network.

Imagine getting paid for being the helpful friend you already are – sounds pretty sweet, right?

Let's see how you can earn money by referring the GroMo app to your friends. The GroMo Refer and Earn program is easy to follow. All you have to do is share your referral code or referral link with your friends and ask them to download the GroMo app using the same.

When your referrals register for the app, they need to enter your referral code on the registration form. This will make them your referral. If your friends join GroMo using your regerral link or code, you will earn ₹100 for their first customer sale and ₹1000 for their fifth customer sale.

That's not all, when your referrals register on the GroMo app, you will earn 500 GroMo coins and you will continue to earn 200 GroMo coins for every sale they make on the app. You will also earn 5% of your friends' earnings on GroMo for a lifetime.

This way, you can earn a lot of money by referring the GroMo app to your friends. So, tell your friends about GroMo now, get them to install the app, and teach them how to make sales. This way, your earnings will increase along with theirs!

Download GroMo Today

How To Become A GroMo Partner?

Now that you have gained complete understanding of GroMo and it's services, let's see how you can become a GroMo Partner. There are four simple steps you need to take to become a GroMo Partner and kickstart your earnings journey:

1. Download The GroMo App

This app is your one-stop shop for making smart financial choices and earning some big cash. Open the Google Play Store, download the GroMo App, and get ready to find tons of big financial products and best commissions in the industry!

2. Sign Up And Complete KYC

Once you're in the app, it's time to make things official. Sign up with your basic details and breeze through the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This ensures everything is secure and transparent for both you and GroMo.

3. Become A Certified Advisor (Not Mandatory)

GroMo values your knowledge and wants you to be equipped to guide your network effectively. Take our free online training courses and ace the certification exam. You'll learn all about the products, understand market trends, and gain the confidence to make informed recommendations.

4. Start Selling, Start Earning

Now comes the fun part!

Share your personalized product links with your customers. When they'll use your link to buy a financial product, you'll get a commission. The more sales you'll make, the more you'll earn – it's as simple as that.

But wait, there's more!

You will also get GroMo Coins with every successful sale, which can be redeemed for real money and exciting rewards.

Becoming a GroMo partner is not just about earning money, it's about empowering yourself with financial freedom. You're offering your friends and family access to valuable financial products that can improve their lives, all while earning a commission for your expertise. It's a win-win situation!

So, why wait?

Download the GroMo app, become a certified advisor, and start sharing the wealth with your network. Remember, the more you help others, the more you help yourself – and with GroMo, the earning potential is truly limitless.

Get ready to become the financial superhero your friends need and unlock a world of rewards beyond your wildest dreams!

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