GroMo App: Earn ₹1 Lakh* By Selling Financial Products

The GroMo App's user interface has recently been updated. Now you can benefit from new features like My Customer, Product Recommendations, etc.

GroMo App: Earn ₹1 Lakh* By Selling Financial Products

"The long-term goal is to become India’s largest tech-enabled distribution platform and enable 10 million+ agents to earn from the GroMo platform."
- Darpan Khurana, Co-Founder - GroMo

In the past, it took a large amount of capital to set up any kind of business. Nowadays, you can make money without spending any money. There are several business models available in today’s market that are commonly referred to as 'Zero Investment Business Ideas'.

New Features Of The GroMo App

These ideas don’t need to be paid for, but they can yield better outcomes and payoffs. So if you want to earn money without any investment, you've come to the right place. The GroMo App is at the forefront of providing earnings of up to ₹1 Lakh every month to its GroMo Partners by giving them a platform to sell financial products and earn a commission on every product sold.

You can also become a GroMo Partner and earn over ₹1 Lakh per month. So, get started with your career as a Financial Advisor with GroMo today!

In this blog post, we will discuss what are the features of the GroMo App, what are its benefits, how it helps GroMo Partners earn more, how GroMo Partners can get customers, and much more.

So, let's get started!

The New Revamped GroMo App

GroMo recently revamped its user interface. The app now has a new look and feel which makes it easier for the GroMo Partners to sell financial products and earn more by doing the same.

The new, revamped GroMo App fosters a smooth interaction between clients seeking expert advice on financial products, and GroMo Partners, also known as Certified Financial Advisors (CFA) who earn through the sale of financial products.

The goal is to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible so that the correct customers get the correct products. This is a win-win situation for GroMo Partners, clients, and even financial institutions. The new, revamped GroMo App provides a lot of advantages to GroMo Partners (GPs), which greatly increases their income.

With the first-ever customer product recommendations and 360-degree customer view features, the GroMo App allows GroMo Partners to sell exactly the right products to exactly the right customers for successful sales.

In the 'My Customers' section, GroMo Partners can view a list of suggested products for each of their customers, which includes cross-selling and up-selling opportunities that increase the likelihood of successful sales.

New User Interface Of The GroMo App

The recommendation system makes useful suggestions for all customers, including those who have tried or were turned down for certain products because of eligibility requirements but are qualified for other similar products. In addition, GroMo Partners can use the 'Add Customer' function to receive suggested products by inputting basic information about new clients.

The GroMo app also provides 'Bonus Customers' and additional recommendations to its dedicated GroMo Partners who meet certain eligibility requirements. These bonus customers and the recommendations help grow their existing customer base and boost their bottom line, which is especially important for GroMo Partners who often struggle to acquire new customers regularly.

The new revamped GroMo app also provides easy and fast access to more than 40+ financial products for GroMo's end customers through an easy-to-use customer interface and allows them to get in touch with GroMo Certified Financial Advisors (CFAs) for help.

People who are already GroMo Partners can now have their own dedicated websites where they can see their free products, apps, and suggested products they can apply for directly. The webview contains financial tools, GroMo Certified Financial Advisors profiles, FAQs, Support, and more.

If you want to apply for financial products on GroMo, you can sign up and get free GroMo Certified Financial Advisors service by filling in basic details. Each GroMo Certified Financial Advisor is assigned by GroMo to provide support to the customer and make the application process as smooth as possible.

You can also earn rewards by referring other customers to GroMo or GroMo Partners who are looking for similar financial support. This initiative will greatly benefit GroMo’s brand and insurance partners, as the number and quality of their customers will improve my multi-folds.

In addition, GroMo’s customer identity verification system will help prevent fraud cases from occurring.

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GroMo Partners' Experience With The App

Saddam - Auto Driver (GroMo Partner)

Saddam, an auto driver, working with GroMo as a GroMo Partner says, “I don’t need to know about all loan products on the GroMo Platform now. I just add my customer details and the app automatically suggests the best loans for the customers as per their details and requirements."

"My sales have increased significantly since the launch and now I can satisfy most of my customers. Now I am confident that I can earn every month with GroMo”, he adds.

Akhil - GroMo Partner

Another GroMo Partner - Akhil, mentions "Creating a lifetime bond with my customers and helping them at any time in the future results in trust, and only with such trust can I gain their loyalty and future business."

He further said, "Till now, I was doing this practice over a call but now GroMo has assisted me in managing my bond with the customer by providing me an in-app customer view ensuring that I can be there for my customer whenever he needs me".

Darpan Khurana - Co-Founder, GroMo

Darpan, the Co-founder of GroMo, expresses his excitement, saying, "We are thrilled to launch our new, revamped GroMo App. It is a significant step toward simplifying earnings for GroMo Partners and helping millions of Indians easily access financial products."

"This program strengthens relationships with GroMo Partners and customers while attracting new ones seeking a trusted brand for their financial needs.”, he further added.

At GroMo, we value our GroMo Partners and want to express our appreciation for their trust and dedication. The goal of the new, revamped GroMo App is to connect customers with GroMo Partners, making their lives easier and encouraging them to use the GroMo App for all their financial requirements.

This will increase the bottom line for all GroMo Partners. The aim of the new, revamped GroMo App is to allow 5,000 GroMo Partners to earn more than ₹5,000 every month from the GroMo App.

New Design Of The GroMo App

The New 'My Customers' Section

In the 'My Customers' section, you’ll find a detailed list of customers you’ve added from different sources, such as lead generation, credit score checking, Challan check, and add customers. It also includes product suggestions and success rates per customer, helping you make informed decisions about what products you can provide them with.

In addition, the section also includes your contact list, as well as a list of GroMo Bonus Customers, depending on your eligibility. To go to the 'My Customers' section, click on the 'Customers' tab on the 'Homepage' of GroMo.

The Customers page can be split into two parts: 'My Leads' shows all the leads that you’ve created on GroMo, while 'My Customers' shows the customers you’ve added, including contacts and Bonus customers that we mentioned earlier.

There are several advantages to using the 'My Customers' tab:

  1. It gives you a list of suggestions, such as cross-selling and upselling options, so you can sell multiple products to one customer.
  2. The success rate function shows you the likelihood of a particular product succeeding, helping you increase your conversion rates by choosing the correct products for each of your customers.
  3. Here, you can view customers' questions so you can respond to their financial needs as soon as possible and
  4. If you can’t find new customers, GroMo’s Bonus customers provide a steady flow of new customers every month, giving you a steady stream of income.

What Is Success Rate?

Success Rate is a measure of how likely a product is to be successful for the customer. The higher the score, the more likely the customer is to be approved for the product by the Financial Partners.

Which Products To Sell To Customers?

It is very simple. Only select products for which customers have more than an 80% chance of success (highlighted in green). In addition, the app will also give you a list of approved products where the likelihood of success is almost 100% if you have the customer's details and if your customer completes the application correctly.

While recommendations and success rate capabilities can improve your application’s chances of success, they don’t guarantee success every time. When recommending products, it’s important to avoid making promises to customers that you can’t keep.

To share the list of all recommended products with your customers, all you have to do is click the share button on that particular customer page and send it to your customer. Customers then need to click on the shared link to go to the recommendation page. They will be asked to log in with a one-step OTP verification process on their mobile number.

Once they’ve been verified, they’ll be taken to the recommendation page. Existing customers can open the link directly without OTP verification because OTP verification is only needed once for first-time verification. You can add more customers to get recommended products for them.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. You can use the 'Add Customer' option on the 'My Customers' page, or you can go directly to the app homepage. All you have to do is provide some basic customer information (with their permission).

  2. You can share features such as 'Check Credit Score' or 'Check Challan' with your customers. When they will use those features via the link you offer, they’ll automatically be added to your 'My Customers' list.

  3. Encourage your current customers to refer new customers to you through the referral link on your customer page. All referred clients will be added to your 'My Customers' list.

  4. In addition, GroMo will also regularly add new Bonus Customers to your customer list based on certain criteria.

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What Are Bonus Customers?

A bonus customer is an extra customer that GroMo gets from a variety of sources. They are actively looking for professionals, such as GroMo Partners, to help them buy financial products. They will help GroMo Partners keep a steady stream of income, even when GroMo Partners can't find new customers.

  1. To unlock one bonus customer, make at least five sales each month. For every additional sale over five, unlock one bonus customer.
  2. You can either get 5 bonus customers by spending 25,000 GroMo Coins, or you can get 5 bonus customers by spending ₹500.
  3. Sign up to be a GroMo Prime Member and get 5 bonus customers every month for free!
  4. From time to time, GroMo will also have competitions and promotions that you can use to get more Bonus Customers.
The New 'Recommendations' Section Of The GroMo App

Key Takeaways

  1. The GroMo app has been updated with a new user interface. It will help GroMo Partners sell financial products and make more money.
  2. The new GroMo App will connect customers to GroMo Partners and encourage them to use the GroMo app for all of their financial needs.
  3. In the 'My Customers' section, GroMo Partners will find a list of customers that they have added from various channels.
  4. The app will also provide GroMo Partners with a list of verified products where they have an almost 100% chance of a successful sale.
  5. A Bonus Customer is a new customer that GroMo will connect GroMo Partners with.
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