How To Get The Best Credit Cards In India?

How To Buy The Best Credit Cards In India?

How To Get The Best Credit Cards In India?

Choosing the right credit card is essential when inflation is eating into your money, and spending wisely is the only way to avoid burning a deeper hole in your wallet. Using a credit card for vacations to everyday purchases may help you save more and spend smarter. These are just a few examples of discounts on travel and hotel reservations, cash back on internet purchases, and reward points for gasoline purchases.

According to research by the Reserve Bank of India and PwC, the Indian credit card market has grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20% over the previous 5 years. With May 2022 seeing the highest-ever total credit card expenditure.

The credit card industry's growth is being fueled by factors such as the hyper-personalisation of credit cards, exciting rewards and loyalty programmes. Also, with increased use of technology, the evolution of credit card business models, and the interest of the Gen-Z generation in the industry, which is expected to play a role in further strengthening the credit card market in India.

Things To Be Kept In Mind While Choosing A Credit Card

Everyone believes that understanding the characteristics and advantages of the card is a sufficient reason to apply for it. Still, before applying, you should evaluate your needs and goals for using the credit card. There are many goals for utilising a credit card, so you must first determine why you are applying for the card.

Self-Analysis on the need for a Credit Card to Improve your CIBIL Score:

Some people want to use a credit card just to repair their poor credit history. Individuals having a positive CIBIL Score can simply utilise the card to boost it. So that they can take out numerous forms of loans in the future.

Earn Rewards, Cashback, and Discounts:

Most credit cards give discounts and rebates on shopping, aeroplane tickets, hotel bookings, and other activities. So, if you want to earn reward points and receive discounts, you should seek a credit card like this.

Making Large Transactions:

If you want to buy something expensive but don't have the necessary finances, a credit card may come in handy. Choose a credit card with a high credit limit.

Making EMI Transactions:

Some credit cards provide an EMI option for purchasing anything expensive. In this instance, you should use a credit card that provides EMI alternatives without charging any additional interest. As a result, you must first assess your needs before selecting a credit card in India.

Examine The Following Factors Before Choosing A Credit Card

Annual Fee and Other Charges:

If choosing a credit card for the first time in India, you should look at the Annual Fees and Renewal Fees. It would help if you also met the conditions for waiving the yearly and renewal costs. The requirements for waiving off are entirely dependent on your spending habits. So, analysing your costs before selecting a credit card is a superior strategy.

On the other hand, consider the following order charges:

  • Late Payment Penalties
  • Fees for Cash Advances
  • GST Interest Rate on the Outstanding Balance
  • Fees for Foreign Currency Markup
  • Cash Withdrawal Fees
  • Mobile Alert Fees
  • Balance Enquiry Fees
  • Charges for Duplicate Statements

Credit Limitation: Every credit card has a distinct credit limit, and their income determines an individual's credit limit. Before applying for a credit card for the first time, you should contact a bank representative and inquire about the maximum credit limit available based on your salary or income.

All of the Current Offers: You should closely review the available credit card offers. If you enjoy travelling, get a vacation credit card. Also, there are several sorts of credit cards for shopping. You must review the credit card's numerous categories before proceeding to the offers.

Numerous credit card offers and categories are offered.


  • Credit Card Offers for Lifestyle Credit Cards
  • Rewards Credit Cards
  • Shopping Credit Cards
  • Travel and Fuel Credit Cards
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Professional Credit Cards


  • Points for Reward
  • Waiver of Fuel Surcharge


You now understand how to choose from the best credit cards in India. First, analyse your credit card requirements before proceeding to the credit card's specifications. See the card's specifications for fees, charges, payment choices, and any current offers. After reviewing the retail facts, you will undoubtedly select your ideal credit card in India.


How to choose the best credit card in India?

Consider the following factors before choosing a Credit Card

  • Late Payment Fees
  • Fees for cash advances
  • The interest rate charged on the balance amount
  • GST
  • Fees for foreign currency conversion
  • Cash Withdrawal Fees
  • Mobile Alert Fees
  • Balance Enquiry Fees

Which is the highest credit card?

The American Express card is considered a high credit card for all you can consider opting for.

Which bank gives credit cards easily?

HDFC Bank credit card with quick approval. Not only are HDFC Bank credit cards completely safe, but they also give quick activation and ownership. A potential consumer is sent to the end-to-end immediate digital application page. Where issuance occurs with a single click.

Which are the 3 most popular credit cards?

Several credit card alternatives are available, but virtually all of them use one of 4 major networks: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa.

How many credit cards should I have in India?

Experts recommend having 2-3 credit cards, each with its own benefits. Anything more than that is not advised. Most of us can get by with one house and one car, but when it comes to credit cards, we're frequently unsure how many we need.

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